Frankie Rudd

The Frankie Murray band is  fronted by the song-writing duo of Frankie Rudd and Hamish Murray. 

Frankie and Hamish met 20 years ago when Frankie joined the long standing rock and roll band "The Deckchairs"

They have been involved in various ventures since then, from the Deckchairs recording "Getting to the Point", through a few line ups, and now having formed the Frankie Murray band. 

The Frankie Murray band recorded their first album "Heaven Falling" in 2004, and have more recent projects in the pipe-line. 

The band will be recording their second album later in the year, and Frankie and Hamish will also be releasing "The Acoustic Sessions" album and EP at the end of the summer.  

The band are:

Frankie Rudd - Guitar / Vocals

Hamish Murray - Guitar / Vocals

Steve Gunn - Bass / Vocals

Pete Spurling - Keyboards

Plim - Drums / Percussion

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