Frankie Rudd

About Frankie!

Frankie Rudd is a singer / songwriter / guitarist who has been playing solo, duo and in numerous bands for the past 18 years. "My parents gave me my first guitar, and I knew I wanted to use it in some way to earn a living!"

Frankie started playing the pubs on the South Coast of England, but really did his entertainment apprenticeship in the Canary islands! Since then, he has performed in Miami, Chile, Peru, Columbia, Ecuador, and is now playing all over the UK, but mostly back on the South Coast near his home town of Swanage in Dorset. 

At the moment, Frankie is playing solo, duo, trio and full band set ups, and is also enjoying the start of "Fake Floyd" and "Aosis". He is also back with song-writing partner, Hamish Murray, in Frankie Murray.  


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