Frankie Rudd

Welcome to the site

Frankie Rudd is a singer / songwriter / guitarist who has been playing solo, duo and in numerous bands for the past 18 years. "My parents gave me my first guitar, and I knew I wanted to use it in some way to earn a living!"

Phone: 07966 271 457

Up-coming gigs 2014

11th January - White Swan - Swanage

15th Feb - White Swan with Social Affair

22nd Feb - Private Party - Social Affair

14th March - White Swan - Swanage

22nd March - private party - crows nest swanage

3rd May - jersey party

9th May - White Swan - Swanage

10th May - Beer Festival Corfe with Social Affair7th June -  Wedding with Social Affair

13th June - Wedding with Social Affair

14th June - White Swan with Social Affair

22nd June - jersey party with social affair

4th July - White Swan

5th July - Wedding with Social Affair

26th Sept - White Swan

11th Oct - LM Ride with Social Affair

25th Oct - White Swan with Social Affair

14th Nov - White Swan

26th Dec - White Swan

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